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We are experts in degreasers & industrial cleaning products. In today’s business environment it’s not only about saving money, there is a lot more pressure on you as the consumer to get things done quicker, protect your employees, protect the environment and increase your profit. When it comes to: degreasing, vehicle and truck washing, we can help you achieve all four.

Whether you are looking to clean crude oil, engine oil, plant fat, and water resistant grease or just wash a car or truck, we have the right solution for your needs.

Blue Earth Industries (BEI) was started in 2012 with the goal of being the market leaders in degreasers and cleaning chemicals used in the heavy industry.

BEI is a chemical distribution agent with 15 years’ experience in degreasers and industrial chemicals. Our products are used by some of the leading mining, transport, engineering and manufacturing companies in Africa and the world. We supply products for

  • Workshops cleaning
  • Wash bays,
  • Concrete Cleaning,
  • Metal Cleaning,
  • Construction and
  • Machine washing
  • Overall Cleaning

There are hundreds of chemicals companies in the market, so why should you consider us?

We are specialists in our field, we understand your needs, market and your environment. We have range of specialized products for your needs. But most importantly our solutions will save you money.

Our Product

We want to reduce, where possible, the volume of degreasers a client uses and the amount of different types of degreasers they use.

With our products, expertise and technology our customers will reduce their consumption of chemicals, resulting in less products being discharged into the environment and financial saving.

We supply a wide range of degreasers, varying from water based and environmentally friendly degreasers to solvent based to food grade degreasers.

By providing you with the right product for the right job, you will get the job done first time, saving you time and money. With this wide range of products and services we can offer customer specific degreasing solution that are sustainable, cost effective and efficient.

We offer highly concentrated industrial degreasers, this means that you are not purchasing “expensive water”.  This has a knock on effect, because you purchase less volume, we transport less, we use less packaging, manufacture smaller quantities and use less water and power in this process, all contributing to the preservation of the environment and again a saving.

All our degreasers and Industrial Chemicals are manufactured in South Africa under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. Ensuring the consistency of our degreasers. We strive for continues improvement.

Dilution Control

One of the biggest problems that companies have with chemicals is the lack of control. Buyers in companies are scared of purchasing high quality, concentrated products because they say “the people using the products don’t dilute the products correctly and they use too much”.

We supply dilution systems for our water based degreasers and truck cleaners. This way the people using the products don’t have to handle the concentrates, the products get used correctly every time by everyone. This way you can ensure that you are getting the best results for the lowest price. Because the dilution is controlled and less chemical is used, a lot less water is used in the rinsing process.

The dilution equipment does not require any electricity or continues calibration, making it durable, efficient and easy to use.

Product Training

With every new customer it is in both our best interests that the products are used correctly, safely and effectively. We provide a training to the end users on our products. We go through the health and safety features of the products, where they should be used and how they should be used for best results.

Our Vision Statement

To supply simple but effective degreasing solutions to our customers that benefits all the stakeholders, and that is tailored to our customers’ needs and is:

  • Sustainable: The solution should be sustainable for the environment.
  • Effective: The solution must meet our customers’ needs.
  • Efficient: The solution should financially and operationally efficient.

Our Mission Statement

To continually search for more sustainable degreasing solutions, either through technology, chemistry or best practice. Not only supplying chemicals, but solutions that are Effective for our customers. Continuously working on our own Efficiency, will result in a professional, reliable and a cost effective solution to our customers.

Our Environment

We want our degreasing solutions to reduce the amount of chemicals that our customers consume and discharge into the environment.

Where possible we want to supply water based environmentally friendly degreasers to substitute the solvent based, toxic products.

We do however understand the chemistry, that water based products cannot remove all types of oils, dirt and greases. That is why solvent, acids and caustics are used and will continue to be used in the industry.

We not only try to minimize the use of these harmful products but find ways to use them in a more responsible and safer way. We should all try and prevent these harmful products from entering our environment. Prevention is better than cure.

We are continuously working on new solution and partnering with new companies to find new best practices to keep our earth BLUE.

Blue Earth Industries also works on not only having the best and most environmentally products but also on reducing our carbon foot print in our everyday operation and manufacturing process. Here are a few examples:

  • By supplying concentrates, we use less power and water in the production process, we use less plastic for packaging, and we transport less.
  • Almost all our paperwork is digital.
  • We consolidate our loads with other companies to have fuller truck and therefore less trucks on the road.
  • We rent offices in “Eco Friendly Buildings”.
  • Our Bakkies have fuel savers.

We believe that every little bit helps.

Being environmentally friendly is not marketing! It is a social-responsibility!

Distribution and Availability

BEI is based in Durban South Africa, we have a national foot print through a network of Distributors and Agents. This enables us to provide the best service and to all types of customers, from one man operations to a blue chip company that have branches though out South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Manufacturing & Standards

All degreasers and industrial chemicals that BEI supplies are blended in South Africa. Our manufacturing processes also adhere to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We are also recognised as a BEE Level 4 accredited firm.

In summary Why Buy from us?

  • We specialize in heavy duty degreasers. We are not Jacks of all trades
  • We supply dilution equipment, that will give our customers consistency and Savings
  • With us you will use less products and less volume
  • We have the right degreasers for the job.
  • Our degreasers are the best.
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