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P-RF 1000 – Radiator Flush

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Superior radiator flush. Unblocks and cleans cooling systems and reduces rust and corrosion.


This easy-to-use specialised chemical formulation improves cooling system operation. It unblocks and cleans cooling systems easily and efficiently, cleans aluminium and removes oxidation, scale build-up and rust. Safe on aluminium, does not attack cooling system metals, plastic hoses, gaskets or seals. This heavy duty aluminium preparation contains top quality additives to reduce rust and corrosion.

Directions for Use:

Allow engine and cooling system to cool. Open drain valve, drain the cooling system and dispose of old coolant according to state and local regulations. Close drain and add radiator flush. Fill with water and replace radiator cap. Restart engine and run at a fast idle until it reaches normal operating temperature. Continue to run for 15 to 20 Minutes. Cool, drain and refill. Close drains and replace with manufacturer’s recommended antifreeze coolant/water mixture.
Replace radiator cap. Refill the reservoir with P-AF 100 antifreeze/coolant as needed.

Available Packs:

5 litre / PRF0005 / 6009685020130

25 litre / PRF0025 / 6009685020147

200 litre / PRF0200 / 600968500154

Dilution Ratios

Recommended dilutionUse Undiluted

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