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PAF 100 Concentrate – Antifreeze / Summer Coolant

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Antifreeze and coolant concentrate. Prevents freezing and boiling. Protects against corrosion.


This product protects engines and radiators for Winter and Summer, and can be used for Heavy and Medium Duty applications. Contains top quality additives which prevent freezing and boiling and protects against corrosion of system components. Safe on both aluminium and metal components.

Directions for Use:

Drain and flush the cooling system with clean water or radiator flush, in the radiator; make sure that there are no leaking hoses and that the drain valve is closed. Premix 50% P-AF 100 with deionised water and fill up the radiator with the solution.
NB: Boiling point is 170°C. Mixture 50% protects down to -36.5°C and boiling up to 170°C. Mixture 25% protects down to -12°C

Available Packs:

1 LITRE / PAF1000001 / 6006985020062

5 LITRE / PAF1000005 / 6009685010742

20LITRE / PAF1000020 / 6009685020055

208 LITRE / PAF1000208 / 6009685011596

Dilution Ratios

Recommended Dilution1:1

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