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PAD 750 – Metal Cleaner

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Stainless steel and aluminium cleaner. Powerful acidic cleaning agent for metals with a high shine finish.


Powerful acid-based detergent for stainless steel and aluminium cleaning with a high shine finish


After every use, rinse immediately with clean water. The product can be used for: stainless steel tankers, engine blocks, fuel tanks , boilers, aluminium. PAD-750 is also a powerful rust remover which should be used in a dip tank application, undiluted.
IMPORTANT: PAD-750 needs to be diluted correctly according to application. Use appropriate PPE as advised.
Cleaning contact time: 30 seconds (cleaning). 30 minutes (rust removal in dip tank, undiluted).

Available Packs:

5 litre / PAD7500005 / 6009685011435

25 litre / PAD7500025 / 6009685011459

200litre / PAD7500200 / 6009685011510

Dilution Ratios

Minimum dilution-
Heavy dutyUndiluted
Medium duty1:10
Light duty1:20
Maximum dilution1:50

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